Decoration One

Susanne & Sally Baalbaki


Decoration One, Susanne & Sally Baalbaki, embodies the essence of Arabic/Islamic Art by designing quality value products with a contemporary fusion, as in tableware home accessories, and decorations.

Its mission is promoting & developing the concept of high quality contemporary Arabic/Islamic decorations & ornaments to be adopted as a style for interior home decoration and for celebrating Islamic festive seasons.

Susanne & Sally Baalbaki, two sisters from Jordan, dedicated full-time mothers, started handcrafting home decorations with their children, to bring out the festive atmosphere and joy in various Islamic feasts. In 2010, they decided to take their passion for festive celebrations as well as their love for Arabic & Islamic art to a new milestone in their lives, products & business development. This gave birth to a fruitful mix between the softness and playfulness of homemade decorations & the structured rich Arabic/Islamic art and calligraphy. They found that there is room to create a symbiosis of multi-functionality, value and flexibility. The outcome has been bespoke design concepts, pieces and growth.

Decoration One is growing to be one of the very few companies in the world that specializes in designing & producing Arabic/Islamic ornaments & decorations to be adopted in festive seasons as a complete interior decorations solution concept.